About Cash Car Buyer

About Car Buyer

With Cash Car Buyer .co.uk, you can look forward to a no obligation online valuation of your car or commercial car - whatever the make, model, age or condition. Using the information you provide about your car, we present you with valuation online - then all you need to do is book an appointment and after an inspection we will offer you a price for any car. If you decide to sell your car, we can pay you a cash or transfer the money directly into your bank account, no fuss, hassle or bother.

Overall when selling your car to us, you will find the entire Cash Car Buyer .co.uk approach to be refreshingly transparent. We have representatives on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the process and you can contact us at any time. The Cash Car Buyer .co.uk collections team will always arrive on time. We really do deliver what we promise to deliver - from online sale to offline collection. From the above it is important to note that the valuation of used car is based upon the information that you supply to us via this web site and recorded telephone call. Therefore if the information you supply is not accurate then it follows that our valuation will not be accurate

Cash Car Buyer .co.uk

Telephone: 0800 2062332
Email: cash@cashcarbuyer.co.uk